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Check out these essential tips from Modojo on how to maximize both items:.

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Try to stay on top of how crops and animals depend upon each other, so that you can optimize your farming strategy. Page 4 will tell you what it takes to speed up the creation of any of your items. By Elton Jones.

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Updated Apr 17, at 1: All this publication's reviews Read full review. Pocket Gamer UK. It might be just another freemium time sink, but Hay Day does everything right, and for that it deserves some praise. User Reviews.

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Write a Review. I like, in hay day, that you run a farm, raise livestock like sheep, cows. You grow crops like corn and apples. I play it every day. Very fun app. Very good application, I like playing it. I wonder if sites like http: Because Hay Day has been updated to v1. This game is awesome! This game is like City Vile but in IoS! Really good game!

Free Diamonds and Coins with our Hay Day Hack

And the better: Great game, this should be played to This game is awesome! Great game, this should be played to every IoS member. So, i will give 9 to This is a great addictive game and I got up to level 63, really loved it. But got tired of endlessly having my diamonds misspent with a too This is a great addictive game and I got up to level 63, really loved it. But got tired of endlessly having my diamonds misspent with a too easy click supposed to have double click options on ridiculous things that I did not mean to spend them on. This was a distressing element that took away all the enjoyment from the game.

Gave it all up when diamonds were taken off me with a click while I was trying to do something else. Once they install the double click option on every action this will be an even better game. Players reaching level 27 should go fishing for diamonds. Look for the boat that needs repairing and fix it.

Head out on the water and get diamonds, depending on the size of fish you catch. Bronze fish get one diamond, silver get two, and gold get three diamonds. Head to the Road Shop; once there, buy a new slot and sell 5 pieces of wood. Go through newspapers looking for items selling in bulk or bunches. Purchase items and then sell individually for a profit. Once gamers reach level 15, picking apples from trees on the farm will give 7 experience points.

Hay Day Glitch (STILL WORKING!!!!)

Look for advertisements in the paper about apple trees and visit the farms in question. Find shaking apple trees on these farms, click on the sign, and gain experience points.

Hay Day Cheats & Tips (That Don't Require Additional Downloads)

If you plan on starting a farm playing Hay Day, or already play this free online video game, using the Hay Day video game cheats and tips above will increase the resources available for play and the fun. Check out more of our Hay Day Guides. Aspiring farmers needing to save money on tools and equipment use this: Have a friend sell items for less in advertisements and then buy the goods. Resell the items for a profit.

2. You Might As Well Get You Some Extra Coins by Selling Some Goodies

Just make sure you buy the items before someone else. Game Oracle Columnist.

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