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For example, I only knew how to grow, harvest and sell wheat.

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However, there are a dozen types of plants I could grow, I could even grow trees to forage wood to sell. First, I needed to cultivate the land to prepare it for sowing. This was done by getting into a tractor, then attaching two pieces of equipment to it. Then, I had to lower the weight piece so that I could actually cultivate the land by driving over it. Next up, I had to connect a sowing machine, connect the seed pallet and then turn on the machine, all while not forgetting to lower it.

Then, there is a waiting period for the crops to grow. You can speed this process up by tuning how quick the in-game time passes. After the crops grew, I had to use a combine-harvester, and untold the front piece of the machine, then turn it on and drive slowly over the crops to harvest it. I then had to drop my harvest in a tipper and even had to manually move the pipe from the harvester to do so. Lastly, I drove the tipper to the silo to store my grain.

Farming Simulator 14 for Samsung S Galaxy Ace - free download APK file for S Galaxy Ace

Farming Simulator 19 sure has a lot of detail in every process and combined with over vehicles and even user created content via mods, it could be a farming enthusiasts dream. Hours of trial and error ensued as I desperately tried to figure things out and finally managed to build a place for some chickens, which I picked up in town.

You only see vehicles driving about, but things like the restaurant and all shops have no NPCs in them. The game tries to be so realistic and in the aspect of working the lands, it certainly is. I would have loved nothing more than to have events take place where I needed to protect my animals from predators or to hunker down as a tornado approached, or just to fight the fight against drought.

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However, nothing happened and I just farmed away with no real goal in sight. As I mentioned before, the UI is a mess and this can be seen from the map portion to buying land and everything in between. Even fast-travelling to a shop was a chore to figure out, but at least the day-to-day work was relaxing at times. You see, I had to do it all myself and you might be thinking, why not just hire some workers?

If you are interested in that world though, the level of detail and complexity that goes into making this game is simply staggering.

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Every major brand is represented and every activity one can imagine doing on a farm is here. If you love the idea of working the fields in your own virtual farming life, this is the game for you.

I just tried this Farming Simulator 19 out of curiosity. And I can say that this game is a very worthy to try one because it has a very interesting and nice game concept. This will be enjoyed of game users for all ages. It has complete array of machinery and variety of farming activities that everyone will surely enjoy. What do you think about Farming Simulator 19? Do you recommend it?

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View full description. PROS An incredible array of real world machinery full licensed A massive amount of diversity in activities to enjoy. Softonic review For aficionados of simulator games, the Farming Simulator franchise will be a common name. What is the game about?

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